Lindsay and Natalie facilitate truly transformative workshops on a variety of different topics related to body + mind + soul + health + wellbeing. Below are a few and new ones can be customized based on your group’s individual needs.

In South Florida area, reach out to Natalie for scheduling and pricing.

In Chicagoland area, reach out to Lindsay for scheduling and pricing.

Peaceful Mama Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation Workshop

Learn how to flow through your day in a more centered & connected way, feel good about yourself as a person & parent + learn how to truly enjoy the journey!

Join us for a three-part workshop series as we learn the MAM-AHH Moments framework of Movement, Affirmation, Mindfulness to feel more Abundant, Healthy, and wholeHearted in our being. This will inevitably spread into all the important areas of our life—our relationships, work, environment, and living our higher purpose.

Kids learn most from who we are, so becoming the best version of yourself teaches them to do the same. Through a combination of yoga, lesson, discussion, and reflection/guided meditation, we’ll learn how to weave these tools and practices into our day and tap into our own inner wisdom that is there to guide us along on our path.  

This workshop is led by The Modern Hippie Mama- Natalie Sager, a Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Mindfulness Guide, and Co-Author of the book Peaceful Mama The Mind, Body and Baby Connection.

We encourage participants to get a copy of the book and read sections at home to get even more out of the workshop.  

Come with a journal and  comfortable clothes to move your body and open up your mind and heart!
Week 1: Movement & Affirmation – The way we move our body and what we say to ourselves affects how we feel. How can we raise our vibration and be kind to ourselves along the way?

Week 2: Mindfulness & Abundance – What we focus on grows.  How can we focus on what’s most important and attract more of what our heart desires?

Week 3: Health & Heart – The way we feel in our body, mind, and soul is holistic. How can we be more wholehearted and at peace?

Mindfulness Workshop

Want to stay focused on what matters most?

Be centered through the ups and downs? 

Seeking a happier, healthier, more purpose-filled Life?

Mindfulness is one way to achieve these things— it’s a set of attention skills that you can learn and grow and integrate into your day.

It’s like a gym for your mind, and it can radically transform your life—leading to better health, more connected relationships, greater productivity, performance, purpose, and creativity.

Join us as we learn about mindfulness in a simple, friendly way:

  • The science behind it
  • How to develop your own consistent practice
  • Why it helps us to reduce stress and enjoy life a little more

We offer additional workshops on Yoga, Self-Compassion, and more. Contact us for more information.