Postpartum is a stage after pregnancy and childbirth sometimes referred to as the 4th trimester, but can certainly extend for years after having given birth.

Once you or a loved one has given birth many things are happening to the physical body, but also emotionally and mentally. Hormones are attempting to balance themselves out, you are fully responsible for the health and well-being of your tiny, new, precious bundle of deliciousness and yourself.

It can be overwhelming, emotional and a very challenging process. What’s important to note, is that you (or your loved one) can be fully supported during this period. All it takes is a little pre-planning and open mindedness.

When we say “pre-planning and open mindedness” we are referring to thinking ahead —knowing that when you are pregnant there will be a phase once the baby arrives that will be unlike anything you have ever experienced & how you can move through that stage with ease and grace—and staying in a place of non-judgement. Neither judging yourself and what you are going through, nor judging another woman’s postpartum experience.

We are all unique and different and will respond accordingly when we are in our postpartum phase.

This is why embracing compassion and the idea that each of us handles situations in our own way is helpful.

In our book: Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body & Baby Connection, we have created a practical framework to help you find your own version of peace through a method called MAMAHH Moments.

We help you implement each of these tools: Movement, Affirmations, Mindfulness, Abundance, Health and Heart into your everyday helping you find heart-centered connectedness so you feel good about yourself as a person and a parent.

We believe that incorporating the tools in our book will encourage a healthier outcome for you, your family and your new baby.

We can even attest to it because it worked for us!

So, planning ahead- when you have a self-care practice in place before the postpartum phase arrives then transitioning into your new normal may come with more ease.

You will have the tips and tools to thread those practices in your day without feeling completely drained.

The concept of MAMAHH Moments is to fill up your metaphorical bucket daily so that you can be, do and think how you choose not how you react. From intention.

There will be days and weeks, sometimes months where you will be sleeping less, giving more of yourself, and in general feeling spread very thin. These are all normal and natural feelings.

The feelings and emotions can be so overwhelming

 You may need assistance and guidance from a professional. And, planning for that is equally as important as implementing your self-care practices.

We talk about preparing a support system before you give birth so that in the event you need to reach out to someone for help, you already have the names and numbers available to you.

We have interviewed 20 experts and have 19 endorsers in our book who could potentially be added to your support system list. Check them out at PeacefulMamas.

We go into great detail about how to nourish yourself mind, body & spirit during any and every stage of Mamahood. We provide valuable tools through our personal stories, expert interviews and sage advice threaded throughout the pages of our book.

Peaceful Mama is for Everyone

We hope you consider reading and sharing our book with anyone and everyone you know who is in the peaceful postpartum stage. Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body & Baby Connection is a guide for anyone on a journey to self-discovery, peace, and all stages of Mamahood- preconception, prenatal, postpartum and parenting another child or our own inner child.


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