In our raw and heart-centered conversation with Skye Dyer, singer/songwriter, mama of one, and daughter of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, we discuss how to trust our own voice in parenting, accepting our children without judgement, and unearthing new role as wife and mama without losing ourself.

You’ll love hearing from Skye who shares what it was like growing up parents with that accepted her wholeheartedly and let her follow her love of singing, and how to not lose ourselves when we evolve into the wife and mama roles.

She shares how being in flow state as a mom is like being on stage—it calls for presence, love instead of fear, and really being in the moment and there is nothing like it when we’re are really in that space.

About Skye:

Skye Dyer is a singer/songwriter, new mom and avid soul searcher. She spent the better part of her life traveling with her late father Dr. Wayne Dyer, performing at all of his events and events of her own as well. She had her first child, a little boy in October of 2017. She put her love of performing on hold to be a stay at home Mom, and is loving every second, but is ready to start performing again. You can follow her on social media at or Instagram under her name skyedyer. 

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