Outsmarting your inner mean girl and stepping into a life you truly love living is within all of us and Tonya Rineer shares practical, science-backed tools and inspiration to help you do it.

Overcoming her own traumas, she learned how to grow from adversity and become more than she even gave herself credit for.

From authoring books, to coaching, speaking and motivating she is full of life, love, honesty and grace.

Throughout the interview, you will fall in love with her joie de vivre, her tenacity and her passion for helping people tap into their power. She also shares a breathing exercise to help ground and center you when you are feeling overwhelm, anxiety or fear.

About Tonya Rineer

Tonya Rineer is the author of the best-selling book, Mindset Switch and host of the Raise Your Vibe Podcast. She’s also a Speaker, Trainer and Mindset Maven who travels the world teaching women how to outsmart their inner mean girl, embrace their truest potential and create a life they love living. If you want to learn more about Tonya, say hello, or pick up a copy of her book, you can visit her at: TonyaRineer.com.


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About the Podcast

The Peaceful Mama podcast shares tools, sage advice and authenticity to help Mamas (& Papas) find their own version of peace. The podcast includes engaging interviews with experts along with quick, easy-to-practice-anytime MAMAHH Moments to inspire our listeners’ lives in the MAMAHH areas of Movement, Affirmations, Mindfulness, Abundance, Health and Heart.

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