Check out the latest from the podcast, the story of Nikki Oden who learned that starting over isn’t so bad and something we shouldn’t be afraid of.

She learned to embrace the question… what if I fail? Because there is no way to know until you try.

She made the choice to not let what happens define her. 

Her new venture Living the Phoenix Diaries is symbolically named after the Phoenix in Greek Mythology, a long-lived bird that continually regenerates and is born again and again.

She learned that stepping out of our comfort helps us build resilience and unleash our true beauty and potential.

She helps other women break from the fear that so often holds us back.

She shows through her amazing story how important it is to get out of our heads, where nothing happens, to where we’re really experiencing.

It’s worth it to step out, because when you put your soul out there, the reward is so great.

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About Nikki

Nikki Oden is a blogger, speaker and author whose message is centered on resilience.  

After ending a marriage that wasn’t working and leaving a career in law that she found unfulfilling, Nikki is now authoring her own destiny by creating a lifestyle she had only dreamed of before.  

Through her blog, Living the Phoenix Diaries, Nikki empowers women to crush their most audacious goals and live their dreams, while always keeping their faith and their families first. She enriches women’s lives by helping them unleash their true beauty and potential.

Nikki is also a mother, an avid tennis player and an aspiring sommelier.  She is a graduate of Florida State University and Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law.  She currently resides in Boynton Beach with her husband and two young children.

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About the Podcast

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