We can help you create an incredible experience for your conference, workshop, class or retreat.


I offer seminars for nutritional guidance, lifestyle tweaks, holistic health practices and more.

I provide tools to help implement Mindfulness and Meditation into your daily life all catered to your specific needs and desires.

Additionally, I offer group/corporate and private yoga sessions with an intense focus on affirmations, mindfulness and visualizations.

In other words, I teach master classes to enhance the overall experience and help “set the mood” for large events and to improve workplace morale.

Natalie is located in South Florida area and available for local events and destination retreats. Contact Natalie for more information.


I am passionate about showing up for our life in a more soulful, connected way.

I love speaking about how we can do this. It comes from becoming more aware and present, assessing where we are in all the areas of our life and setting visions and intentions, learning practices and tools to guide us along, and applying self-compassion to help us through the inevitable falls so we keep standing back up and stepping out in a courageous and wholehearted way.

Listeners gain practical tools around implementing mindfulness practices, starting meditation, connecting to their spirituality, conscious being and parenting, and more so more of us are enjoying our everyday moments and flowing through in a more connected and centered way feeling good about ourselves as people and parents.

Lindsay is located in Chicago and available for local and destination events. Contact Lindsay for more information.