Check out our latest podcast interview with a mama of three and PCI parenting coach Sheryl Stoller, who explains the benefits of conscious parenting and extending compassion.

She inspires us to utilize the tools available to us all to better show up for ourselves and our families.

Her words will deeply resonate with your soul and speak volumes to your emotional well-being.

Awareness, Body & Compassion are the three primary areas of focus in connecting to yourself through conscious parenting.

The first step is to become aware of your feelings, environment, circumstances and conditions around you.

Once you have an awareness, next step is to sit and be with your emotions. For example: notice your heart racing, palms sweating, etc. This is the body component. You can use your senses in a sensory activity like holding cold ice, running hands under cold water, cross midline movement like a side body stretch or holding arms in front of you and crossing one arm over the other.

This helps to activate both sides of the brain and make choices with your whole brain instead of in a reactionary state.

And, the third step is compassion. Often easier to have compassion for others, Sheryl reminds us how important it is to have self-compassion. Talk kindly to yourself, saying “thank you, it’s understandable, I’m here for you, sweetie. What do you need?”

Sheryl goes into beautiful detail about how to incorporate the ABC’s into conscious parenting as well as how we can extend compassion to ourselves and our children so we step into the position of Mamahood with peace and love.

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About Sheryl

Sheryl is a PCI Certified Parent Coach® at both Stoller Parent Coaching and The Center for Identity Potential, a regular guest speaker for organizations, and the mother of three intense, gifted/twice-exceptional children who are now flourishing young adults. Sheryl draws on her professional and personal experience as she specializes in coaching parents privately and in groups, in person and online, equipping parents to consciously create the emotional-legacy™ they intend. She offers a twice-monthly group for “Nurturing Consistency in Getting A Hold of Yourself”™ in Oak Park, IL, which is soon to be available online.


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