Move your body and open up your mind and heart at the Peaceful Mama Workshop on Sunday, September 23 from 1:30-5pm Nature Yoga Sanctuary in Oak Park, IL.

We will learn the MAM-AHH Moments framework of Movement, Affirmation, Mindfulness to feel more Abundant, Healthy, and wholeHearted in our being, which spreads into all the important areas of our life—our health, relationships, work, environment, and family life.

Through a combination of yoga, lesson, discussion, and reflection/guided meditation, we’ll learn how to weave these tools and practices into our day and tap into our own inner wisdom that is there to guide us along on our path.

We encourage participants to get a copy of the Peaceful Mama book and read sections at home to get even more out of the workshop.

Come with a journal and comfortable clothes to move your body and open up your mind and heart!


  • Movement & Affirmation– the way we move our body and what we say to ourselves affects how we feel, how do we bring ourselves up instead of down and be kind to ourselves along the way?
  • Mindfulness & Abundance – what we focus on grows, how can focus on what’s most important and attract more of what our heart desires?
  • Health & Heart – the way we feel in our body, mind, and soul is holistic, how can we be more wholehearted and at peace.



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Meghan Dunphy is continually learning and practicing how to breath through and enjoy every moment of parenting with her three young girls here in Oak Park.  She works Part-time as a Physical Therapist, Part-time as a Yoga Instructor and full-time as a Mom, wife, sister and friend.  She has recently completed trainings through Global Family Yoga and has dived wholeheartedly into leading the family and toddler yoga classes at Nature Yoga Sanctuary in Oak Park.  She loves sharing the many benefits yoga offers to students of all ages and bringing parents and children together through a love of yoga, play and mindfulness!

Lindsay Ambrose incorporates her training in Unified Mindfulness and as a DONA postpartum Doula to lead workshops, serve as a mindfulness and spiritual guide, and host the podcast EveryDayEveryMom, life recipes for your mind, heart, and soul. She is co-author of the book Peaceful Mama, the Mind, Body, & Baby connection as well as co-creator of Peaceful Mamasonline conscious motherhood community. She enjoys making everyday moments more meaningful as a woman, wife, mother by seeing the world through the eyes of her three spirited, curious young children.