Join the Peaceful Mama tribe to get a sneak peak into what’s going on with the book, set to launch on Mother’s Day 2018!

In the book, we share the magic of what happens inside a woman when she brings a child into the world—the emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth which unfolds—and how this can inspire her to live with more heart, connection, and peace.

It contains a practical, flexible and focused method for Mamas to honor themselves during the delicate time of pregnancy and first year with a child to and unleash that more peaceful, courageous version of ourselves that is within us all.

Join the tribe for:

  • Tools to become more centered and at peace amidst very busy, chaotic days.
  • Framework for developing a self-care practice that sticks because it can be done in moments throughout our day. It’s called MAMAHH and incorporates movement, affirmation, mindfulness, abundannce, health, and heart.
  • Community of likeminded, conscious mamas to support one another and know we are not alone in our fears, visions, and struggles to meet our vision for parenting.
  • Guidance from a range of experts who we can trust through live Q&A and interviews. But most importantly tools to tap into our own inner guidance, which is leading us on our own right path.
  • Reflection prompts so we can better understand what fills us up and begin to prioritize time for these things that support us in showing up as the highest version of ourselves and feeling whole in mind, body, and spirit.