Peaceful Mama is is a guide for anyone on a journey toward inner peace, health and happiness.

We know the best way to care for our children is to care for ourselves. Then why does this feel so foreign to us?

It’s our intention to help mamas make the shift and prioritize time for self-discovery and self-care in the pursuit of wholeness and inner peace.

We can attest to the truth that when we feel aligned and balanced, we can better show up for our family and enjoy this journey we’re on by because we’re more present, connected, and centered.

Over the next few weeks will be a series of pieces on what peaceful mama means at the varying stages of motherhood

By reading, you’ll of course uncover tidbits that are relevant at whatever stage you are in: preconception, prenatal, postpartum and parenting.

But if you think this may resonate specifically with someone you know in this particular stage, please pass it on to her and encourage her to join the Peaceful Mama tribe as well.

Building the Peaceful Mama tribe is necessary because when compassion and love fill our hearts and homes, it spreads unto the world. It begins a ripple effect- one home at a time.

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What does Peaceful Preconception Mean?

Peaceful Preconception means taking the time to check in with where you (and your partner) are on a health and well-being scale BEFORE you try to make a baby.

Very often when we are ready to embrace the idea of conception, we do so blindly and without much thought—aside from the general understanding of “how” to make a baby. Which we safely assume you know how to do by now 🙂

However, what we would instead like to focus on is the idea that our bodies and our partners’ bodies are  in a “ready to receive” optimally healthy state which can increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and a vitally thriving baby.

We’ve learned that we really have to let go of control over just about everything when it comes to conception and eventually parenting. But our health and well-being is something we can control through the choices we make- big and little-everyday.

Our idea of a peaceful preconception supports the truth that the well-being of our own mind, body and spirit simultaneously affects our soon-to- be-conceived baby’s mind, body and spirit. This is huge.

In our book: Peaceful Mama, The Mind, Body & Baby Connection we have created a practical framework to help you find your own Inner Peace through a method called MAMAHH Moments. We help you implement each of these tools: Movement, Affirmations, Mindfulness, Abundance, Health and Heart into your everyday to help you in achieving heart-centered connectedness and attain holistic health.

When we are conscious and aware that we are ready to begin planning for a pregnancy, then we are able to do so with positive intention and clarity. When we take time to optimize our emotional, mental, and physical health this will, in essence, create a positive ripple affect unto our reproductive organs to do what they have to do.

There are many factors that can affect your chances of conceiving- the health of your reproductive organs, your spouse or partners reproductive cells, the mental and emotional state of both you and your partner, your digestive and intestinal health, your environment, stress levels and the ability to manage that stress, outside factors like medications that you are currently taking or have taken in the past, the use of birth control pills and more.

These components are often overlooked when initially thinking about starting or expanding a family.

We cannot emphasize enough how important and beneficial it is to take an inventory of where you and your partner are—emotionally, mentally, and physically— BEFORE you conceive.

Sometimes a deep cleansing needs to happen for both of you. This could include an herbal regimen, enemas and colonics, nutritional upgrades, freeing yourself from medications or birth control pills (under the care of a doctor, naturopath or integrative medical practitioner, of course) and finding alternative ways to take care of the root causes of any issues you may be experiencing.

Other times, it is simply embracing consistent self-care and self-love practices—which we go into great length in our book. While still, there are times when the emotional and mental systems need attention and care before creating life within us.

This is just a glimpse into what you’ll find from our Peaceful Mama book. Please check it out if you haven’t already and kindly share it with a friend.