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“A wonderful guide that provides insights, support, inspiration and practical tools to be a more whole, loving, connected, present, and happy mother.”
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Let us give you the tools unleash

your own version of peace.

It’s within you.

See how MAMAHH Moments—Mindfulness, Affirmation, Movement, Abundance, Health, and Heart—can spring you into a more wholehearted, connected, peaceful and SOULFUL way of being.

Our book gives you the framework to let go of the overwhelm, guilt, and comparison and find your inner peace and fulfillment in motherhood and life.

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Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body & Baby Connection, is a relatable, reasonable, and spiritual resource for New Mamas & Mamas-to-be.

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Sharing tools, sage advice and authenticity to help Mamas (and Papas) find their own version of peace at every age and every stage.

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Marriage is hard – 7 Ways to Work it and Make It Work

Being a partner in marriage is hard. Nobody has to tell us that. And it doesn’t get any easier when we have kids. We really have to work at it. It’s our relationships with the ones closest to us that are helping us grow ourselves into who we desire to be. And growth...

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Love Rising Podcast: How to be a Peaceful Mama

Check out our interview with Kylee & Clara on the Love Rising Podcast where we chat about how to be a more mindful and peaceful mother, including tools to practice patience and understanding with your children and so much more. To Watch on...

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Five affirmations to become a peaceful mama

Affirmations are anything that we repeatedly say to ourselves out loud or in our thoughts. If what we're repeatedly saying isn't serving us, we need to change that. Writing affirmations and practicing saying them is one great way to begin changing the way we think and...

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Practicing Peaceful Parenting at any stage

A part of us may want life to be perfect and stress-free and without challenges. But can you imagine how boring it would be if everything was perfect all the time? How would we appreciate the quiet, if we didn't have some noise and distraction? Until we've been...

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What is Peaeful Postpartum

Postpartum is a stage after pregnancy and childbirth sometimes referred to as the 4th trimester, but can certainly extend for years after having given birth. Once you or a loved one has given birth many things are happening to the physical body, but also emotionally...

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Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body and Baby Connection

with founders, Lindsay Ambrose and Natalie Sager.

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