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Every pregnancy is unique, just like every being on this planet.

We don’t know what type of pregnancy we will have.

Despite all the differences in our pregnancies, births, and babies… there is one constant

We all have an inner peace that we can connect with in even the hardest, most excruciating of times.

The tricky thing is that it’s unique to all of us in how we access it.

We can’t tell you what brings you inner peace, but we can share a few tools to help you uncover that for yourself. It’s what we laid out in our book, Peaceful Mama, the mind, body, and baby connection—it’s called the MAMAHH Moments Framework.

Breathe, MAM-AHHHH

When we weave moments of Movement, Affirmation, Mindfulness, Abundance, Health, and Heart into our days, we begin flowing in a more connected and centered way—it’s an inner peace that allows us to create space between what happens to us and how we respond.

We choose to respond in an intentional way because the practices help us with that.  We can begin to enjoy the unique journey each of us is on a little more. Check out our last post to learn more about integrating the MAMAHH moments.

The Changes will be Huge

It’s hard to prepare for the immense changes we undergo on an emotional, physical, and mental level when that baby is growing inside us.

But, by starting our own MAMAHH moments practice now, we’re better equipped to handle whatever comes our way.

Awakening Our Higher Self

You see, every relationship calls us to grow ourselves in some way. People reflect back to us those parts of us that are being called to shift, awaken or ignite a change.

And these little people, the bumps in our bellies that grow into babes in our arms, toddlers at our sides, and eventually big people ready to fly. They are our partners. We are the perfect parents for our children because there are special things we are teaching one another.

We have to be awake for it. We have to be present, letting go of some of the expectations, worries, fears that aren’t serving them or us. The ones that have been with us for too long, maybe since our own childhoods. Our little ones will help us shed these storylines and teach us how to grow and create our new story.

Becoming a parent is a divine opportunity to grow into who we are called to be

We will be challenged. We will feel immense joy. And these feelings will happen within moments of each other, all hours of day and night.

When we move through challenges with greater calm and compassion, we recenter, return to present, and more fully experience the moments of joy that are sure to follow.

We want to be there enjoying, appreciating as many beautiful moments as we can knowing our time with them is fleeting.

If we’re stuck in expectations of what could be or judgements of what was or worries about what will happen next. We aren’t able to feel the joy.

The greatest Mama Tool in your Belt

Being present is our greatest tool. It surpasses any piece of gear or technique or method. When we are present, we can connect with our babies, intuitively knowing what they need.

When we are present we can accept resistance and move on with compassion for ourselves, knowing and affirming that we did the best we could with the tools and awareness that we had in that moment.

We know we have this new moment to try again.

We can start fresh with kindness and love and choose to see it.

We have that choice.

What is a peaceful pregnancy?

It’s beginning the practice of caring for ourselves so we can better care for the others who mean so much to us. It’s the greatest gift we give them.

So Mama, as these massive changes are going on inside you and you are preparing for the enormous life change of a new baby, start your MAMAHH practice. Not tomorrow, not when baby comes, start now. It just takes a moment!

Becoming a mama calls us to tap into our essence

Our essence is that part of us that can’t be seen, only felt through our presence. It’s an energy, a peace, that flows through us and connects us to others, including the baby that is growing inside us.

Trusting this essence and being tuned into it takes practice, just like anything.

Our intention for you

Let the MAMAHH practice connect you to your essence, so you show up as your highest self and start feeling all the good stuff along your own unique journey—love, gratitude, appreciation, joy, and peace.

Your inner peace and love is within you, ready to shine and exactly what the baby inside you needs most.

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