Dr. Marion Rose says our true nature is lovingness and willingness—and she shares tools to help us connect to our loving inner nature so we may help our children stay connected to theirs too.

We discuss how to be more compassionate, follow the callings of our soul, and be a more aware and connected parent.

She shares about the Aware Parenting Model that helps parents help their children stay connected to who they really are—cooperative, compassionate, creative, calm, and present.

The more children’s feelings are heard, the less likely they are to hold on to feelings, which only causes them to disconnect from their own loving nature.

First things first, we have to be kind to ourselves, accept where we are now, and know we’ve done the very best we could up until now.

With that inner acceptance and compassion, we too can be present in our bodies and true to ourself. When we are present, our children feel heard, seen, and accepted as they are. This connection enables them to stay true to their whole creative and loving selves and helps us awaken and grow deeper into our soul self through our parenting journey.

She shares a wonderful tool for connecting to our own Inner Loving Mother and so much more in this heartfelt, inspiring conversation that you don’t want to miss. Enjoy!

About Dr. Marion

Dr. Marion Rose (B.Sc. Ph.D. Dip.Couns. Dip.Psych. FPCF FPCC) has a 30 year history in developmental psychology and psychospiritual psychotherapy, with a Ph.D. from Cambridge University. She has been a University Research Fellow in infant development and she taught The Therapeutic Relationship to M.A. students. She’s been supporting mothers with pregnancy, birth and parenting since 2001, and she’s been an Aware Parenting Instructor since 2005. She has a 16 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. She loves to help mothers connect with their own Inner Loving Mother so that you can be the compassionate mother you know you can be, and the unique being that you really are free to follow the callings of your soul. She has many free and paid online courses for mothers – on parenting, psychospiritual development, and entrepreneurship

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Marion Rose
B.Sc. Ph.D. Dip.Couns. Dip.Psych. FPCF FPCC
Level Two Aware Parenting Instructor