Having a positive relationship—whether it’s with our child, partner, or client—comes down to how well we are listening and how well we are communicating.

Katie Wilkie knows this all too well and fuels her passion for communication and interpersonal connection as the owner of Imagination Therapy LLC.

We all want to know that we are being heard, that what we say matters, that we can really be ourselves, especially around the people we love most.

Katie walks through a tool to help us actively listen to our children. It means we aren’t always coming up with solutions for them— we are just really there listening, openly and nonjudgementally, allowing them to be heard.

Katie shares her parenting perspective from the role as a stepmom and aunt. Regardless of our family situation, we have to work as a team with our partner.

Going through hard things with our partner can even be sexy. It helps us really grow our relationship as long as we keep up the positive communication through it.

Listening to ourself is important too—we have to take that time to check in with ourselves and process what we are going though in a way that works for us. Maybe it’s defining our schedule and actually giving ourself permission to stop work, creating boundaries that we really stick to, or creating some time for journaling. We need to stay in communication with our own wants, needs, and feelings.

Join us for this insightful conversation as we learn about how important our words are, what imagination therapy is and how it can help us shift to new perceptions, become unstuck and create lasting positive change in our relationships.

It’s important because our words have the power to shape our reality—and most importantly our relationships—and how we are either connecting and growing or disconnecting and staying stuck.

About Katie

Katie Wilkie, M.S., CCC-SLP/L, has a passion for communication and interpersonal connection. Her work relationships span infant communication to hospice care and her personal life is filled with close family relationships, regular traditions with three nephews under six, and her partner who is divorced with two young boys of his own. Her business, Imagination Therapy LLC, strives to develop the language of self-expression and other understanding regardless of ability or disability. The words we choose to describe ourselves, our needs, and the world around us have the power to shape our reality.

Connect with Katie

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