When life takes you in one direction you can consciously choose to embrace what is in front of you or mindfully move in another. Either way, you are guided, loved and supported. Throughout Kathleen’s career in health and wellness, parenting, and sound therapy she has learned how to go with the flow of life and always remembers to live in the moment. Kathleen shares her personal experiences raising two children on her own, working full time, exploring life and trusting her inner wisdom.

Kathleen is an advocate for holistic health and wellness knowing the body has incredible self-healing properties. After years of personal work and experience, research and development she has fully embraced the powers of sound healing. From pregnancy to postpartum, infants to elders and everything in between, Kathleen and Good Vibrations Music Co help you find your version of peace!  

About Kathleen

Kathleen Haden has dedicated over 25 years to the Health & Wellness industry owning Wellness Centers for over 20 years. Kathleen is a Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Master Pilates Teacher, Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher, Aquatic Specialist, Sound Therapist and Massage Therapist. Kathleen has a BS in Kinesiology and Bio-Mechanics/Dance, and a MBA. Kathleen is also an energy healer working on restoring mind, body, and spirit integration. Kathleen is innovative and creative in her clients’ programming.

Kathleen and her husband John Anthony started Good Vibrations Music Co. creating Frequency Infused Music™ for their aquatic program, the company has grown and has one of the largest library of Frequency Infused Music™ for Supporting and Balancing life’s conditions.

Kathleen is also one of the experts in our book sharing her wisdom as a Movement guru amongst many other talents.