We are so excited to invite you to be a part of our Peaceful Mama Circle Launch team!

What is the Peaceful Mama Circle (PMC)?
Our intention is to create a virtual community that gives mamas a tribe, resources, and inspiration so we replace the overwhelm, judgement, and comparison with acceptance and begin to flow through our days in a more wholehearted, centered, and connected way. Here’s what it includes:

  1. Two live Peaceful Mama chats a month where we dive deeper into the MAMAHH topics of Mindfulness, Affirmation, Movement, Abundance, Health, and Heart and you get to have your questions answered. One chat is with one of our featured experts and one is with just Natalie and Lindsay
  2. Private Facebook group where we provide group coaching, motivation, and likeminded community of conscious mamas sharing ideas and resources
  3. Meditation, mindfulness, and movement exercises each week to guide you in deepening your motherhood experience and feel more centered and connected
  4. Premium Podcast episodes (exclusive to PMC members!)

What is a Launch Team?
Our Launch Team will be made of friends and supporters who would like to help raise awareness and interest in the circle. We will work together to spread the word about this exciting new group we are forming.

What do I get for being a helpful member of the Launch Team?
If selected, besides our love and affection, you will get a behind-the-scenes look into the formation of the group as well these gifts for you:

  1. Four months free membership into PMC ($45 value)
  2. Access to all of the PMC resources
  3. An invitation to the PMC Private Facebook Group where we provide group coaching and motivation creating the motherhood experience you most desire
  4. Peaceful Mama tank

What is expected of each Launch Team member?
1. Leave a short, honest book review on Amazon and/or Goodreads
2. Do at least 3 things on social media to help spread the word. You could send a tweet, mention it on Facebook, do a LinkedIn update, upload a pic to Instagram, whatever you want (over the course of the 4 months)!
3. Participate in the monthly calls and occasional social media discussions

Of course, if you want to do other things like buy copies of the book for friends & family or share tips from the book on your Facebook — we won’t object! 🙂

How do I join the Launch Team?
Click here to access the application. Please complete it by August 16. (don’t worry, shouldn’t take more than 5 min to complete). We will make our decisions and select a team by August 20. The group officially launches on September 3!

Thank you for being a part of our tribe!

With peace and gratitude,
Natalie and Lindsay

PS…Check out the audio post below about the MAMAHH Moments: what are they and how you can bring them into your day to flow in a more connected and centered way!