Finding your identity outside of motherhood – making time for ‘your thing’

Jennifer Radnay shares with us her experiences as a very young Mama of 3 under 30 to raising three teenagers.

She shares how important it is do what we say because they learn most by what they see and feel from us —our energy and our actions—than anything we say to them.

Going through a divorce, seeking her purpose beyond Mamahood and embracing the joyride of life, Jennifer reminds us that we each have our own unique innate talents and gifts that we can share with the world.

She has a deep sense of love for all women recognizing our inner strength and beauty through all stages of womanhood.

However your birth experience or whatever your plans may be for it, having a loving and supportive birth team is crucial for a satisfying and glorious pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experience.

About Jennifer Radnay

Jennifer believes that something powerful and transformative happens in childbirth. Your birth experience should be your greatest source of pride, you should be fully empowered and provided with strong, loving support through this magical journey.

She has her Bachelors in Childhood Education, Trained with CAPPA as a Labor Doula and is also trained as a Holistic Doula with The Matrona. Certified Lactation Counselor & Educator & Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Jennifer is also a Yogi and teaches prenatal yoga, as well as Raja – a yin based meditative flow and advanced vinyasa.

It is this connection to the body, mind and breath that she strives for everyone to find for themselves and to incorporate it into their childbirth labor but their lives… because this only the beginning of your wonderful journey of parenthood!  

For almost 20 years she has been raising and nurturing her own 3 children, who are now 13, 17 & 19 years old. She loves to live a healthy lifestyle and cook for everyone around her.

She believes in supporting all birth plans and encourages that everyone be well educated and informed.

Momaste- The mother in me recognizes and honors the mother in you.

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