Learn how to better understand yourself, what you need, and how to get it in our engaging and informative interview with Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Hillary Pilotto.

She shares lot about postpartum depression and anxiety and how it often can hit much later than right after baby arrives and how people who care for you can help you identify the signs and get help.

So informative and down to earth, you’ll love this heart-centered conversation with practical ideas to find better balance wherever you are on your motherhood journey.

When we are aware and informed we can better care for ourselves, support friends, family and our community as a whole.

About Hillary

Hillary Pilotto is a counselor who finds that many people have a difficult time looking past the present and seeing their potential in any number of roles that they hold in their life. Her goal as their counselor is to teach and encourage them to use the tools learned in counseling to work through the barriers they are facing in their own life.

She specializes in work with women throughout adulthood. Struggles in relationships, separation/divorce, infertility for self or partner, coping with pregnancy, postpartum depression and/or postpartum anxiety, work/life balance, high functioning anxiety, and transitions.

She is currently on the committee lead for membership and recruiting for the Postpartum Support International Illinois chapter. This organization helps spread awareness for maternal mental health and connects perinatal professionals throughout the state.

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