Our kids learn most from who we are, not what we do or what we say, so becoming the best version of ourselves is the best thing we can do because it teaches them to do the same—to go off an be their best self.

We are human beings after-all, not human doings.

We feel being a parent can actually spring us into a more connected, peaceful and SOULFUL way of being. We just need some tools to help us get there.

But how do we do it?

How do we change the patterns that have built up within us?

How do we become peaceful?

The MAM-AHH Moments Framework

In our book, Peaceful Mama, we lay out a framework called MAM-AHH moments (pronounced as Mom and then a big deep breath out with AHHHH).

It’s about weaving moments of Movement, Affirmation, Mindfulness, Abundance, Health, and Heart, into our days so we flow through them in a more connected and centered way, bringing out our own inner peace.

As we follow the practice, we begin showing up in our life as our soul desires, as the highest version of ourselves—with self-awareness, optimal health and well-being, meaningful work, and a fulfilling marriage, family and social life that is life-giving and in alignment for YOU.

Knowing that inner peace and fulfillment looks different for each of us, we don’t tell you how. I wish we could. We give you the tools to tune in and connect within so you can unearth this for yourself.

Everything you desire is already inside you! Let us give you the tools unleash it with MAMAHH moments:

Take a MAM-AHH Moment

First remember to breathe, then weave these small practices into your day to help you connect within so you may connect with others and respond to what is going on around you with greater awareness, acceptance, and love.

  • Movement is healing. We are meant to be moving our bodies and any moment of movement can improve the way we feel.
    • Go for a walk.
    • Do a couple yoga stretches.
  • Affirmation is being intentional with our thoughts and in alignment with our values so we may be as we truly desire to be.
    • Couple an affirmation with any of your everyday activities so you begin to recognize, vocalize and appreciate what is going right instead of focusing on what is going wrong.
    • Say ‘I love me’ or ‘I am enough’ throughout the day, paste it to your mirror or on your bedside table.
  • Mindfulness is being here now. Using our attention to become more aware and accepting of what is right now as you are experiencing it.
    • Be fully in the moment with one of your everyday experiences by calling out what you see, hear, and feel in the moment. Whatever comes to you just be with it.
    • Bring awareness and loving kindness to all of your body parts from your head to your heals in the moment.
  • Abundance is available to us in any moment. When we choose to be present, we can receive the gratitude and grace that is in each moment trusting that whatever we need is here and it is all for our highest good.
    • Write out three things your grateful for every night before bed.
    • When something not so great happens, shift from ‘why me’ to ‘what am I meant to learn from this’ knowing everything that happens is teaching us to grow in some way.
  • Health is holistic. It’s the way we feel in our mind, body, and spirit and finding optimal health enhances our life immeasurably.
    • Pay attention to what you’re filling your body with and how it makes you feel. Make a change if something isn’t filling you up as you desire.
    • Your body doesn’t lie when we’re tuned into it. When you’re struggling with something, say it aloud and observe how it sits with you in your body. The answer is there.
  • Heart is boundless. Infinite love and guidance is within us and every other being, and all around and  available to us. When we connect to compassion moment-by-moment, it moves us through hard times and leads to a more fulfilled way of being and connecting to those around us, especially our children.
    • Be kind to yourself – treat yourself as you would a good friend.
    • When you’re working with something difficult, practice R.A.I.N. (developed by Tara Brach) by Recognizing what you’re feeling, Accepting it, Inquiring and being curious about it, and Nurturing yourself with self-compassion for it.

With our MAMAHH Moments practice, we flow through our days in a more centered and connected way.

Living a full life means we will fall, fail and falter. It’s completely natural.

By weaving in mamahh moments, we experience a deep fulfillment that is felt in our hearts and spreads onto our homes and outward, and helps us all enjoy this beautiful journey together a little more.

Wherever we are now is a perfect place to start, it’s never too late or too early.

Remember to affirm that peace begins within and practice MAMAHH moments to help you get there moment-by-moment.

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Give us your feedback! Is this helping you? How are you making time for these moments.