Affirmations are anything that we repeatedly say to ourselves out loud or in our thoughts.

If what we’re repeatedly saying isn’t serving us, we need to change that.

Writing affirmations and practicing saying them is one great way to begin changing the way we think and feel.

The best way to encourage our children is to begin with ourselves.

We tend to speak to and treat others in the same way we speak to and treat ourselves.

Being a parent calls us to become more aware of the words we are choosing and the energy we bring.

By the time the average child reaches adulthood, she has heard between seven and nine negative comments for every positive.

We can change that. It starts with examining how we are speaking and thinking about ourself.

Five powerful affirmations to become a more peaceful mama

I am whole.

All that I need is already within me. I have done the best up until this point with the tools I’ve had. I am aligned and living wholeheartedly.

I choose love.

Things happen outside of my control, but how I react is my choice. Everything I experience is part of my learning process. I choose to respond with love.

I am present here and now.

“There is no future. There is no past. I live this moment as my last.” – From Rent. Sing it if you like.

I am creating a life that I love.

The life I am living now is what I once dreamed for myself. Find the joy in it. As the question, what can I do today to bring me joy? And do that thing.

I am grateful for the wellbeing that fills me everyday.

I choose to focus on what is going well knowing where my focus goes energy flows. I am grateful for the wellbeing and abundance that fills me and my home.

Use these affirmations or create new ones for yourself and repeat them often. Couple the practice with something you already do to instill the practice.

Our words are powerful.

Our words create our world.

Create a positive one and let that energy flow from us and into our homes.

Excerpt from Peaceful Mama

We love what one of our experts Cathy Cascai-Adams of Zen Parenting Radio shared about Affirmations in our book Peaceful Mama:

“Affirmations are an opportunity to live an examined life, to recognize what is happening in the moment and notice what’s working. It’s very easy to get caught up in what’s not working—our brains are trained to notice and attend to problems. It’s a mental practice (literally like exercise for the brain) to notice what is good, to recognize what sustains us and what we are doing well. For me, affirmations are similar to gratitude—to recognize, vocalize, journal about, and just appreciate what is right. When I’m with my kids, I do my best to look them in the eye, hold their hands, really attune to them when I’m with them. And when I’m on my own, I practice enjoying time to myself, recognizing that being alone allows me to be better when I’m with my kids. My most common affirmation is, “It is my responsibility to take care of me, and to take responsibility for the energy I bring to every situation.” Of course, I ask for help, and of course I don’t do this perfectly; but in the end, I get to choose how I react and respond, and to me that’s empowering.”

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