Imagine living from a place of truth and authenticity free from the inner voice of the critic, where you flow and know you are living your purpose.

Dr. Tina Bozicnik is doing just that, a pediatrician and a mom of a 3-year old daughter whose aliveness and truth radiates from her.

As a pediatrician, she accepts herself fully knowing we are imperfectly perfect humans and this sense of calm and purpose resonates deeply with the children she works with.

She believes in holistic and integrative approach when it comes to treatment of her little patients that is in tune with children’s playful nature. She motivates and encourages parents to become positive, conscious role models for their children, by living their unlimited potential and being authentic.

We know the way we show up as humans matters, especially when we are parents, because as Pam Leo said “However we treat the child, the child will treat the world.”

Tina shares tools for how we can be more conscious, present, and connected and treat our children how they want to be treated.

Listen and be inspired to a new way of living, one of truth, acceptance, and presence, so you feel good about yourself as a person and a parent.

About Tina

Pediatrician and acupuncturist. Neonatology lover. Combining holistic approach with mainstream medicine. Happy parent, happy kid is my philosophy.


About the Podcast

The Peaceful Mama podcast shares tools, sage advice and authenticity to help Mamas (& Papas) find their own version of peace. The podcast includes engaging interviews with experts along with quick, easy-to-practice-anytime MAMAHH Moments to inspire our listeners’ lives in the MAMAHH areas of Movement, Affirmations, Mindfulness, Abundance, Health and Heart.

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