Book Endorsements

“This book is needed in the hands of any expecting or seasoned mom who is seeking a more peaceful, connected, and compassionate motherhood experience. As more moms find their inner peace by following the framework laid out in this book, our children and families will experience a shift in consciousness that forever changes them. Give this book to any mom you know and be a part of the movement of peaceful mamas creating a more peaceful world.”
Hal Elrod, Author of the #1 Best-Selling Book, The Miracle Morning

Imagine flowing through your day in a peaceful, centered way, while feeling good about yourself as a person and as a parent. Impossible? That’s what this book can give you. Here’s a secret: Kids learn from who we are, so becoming the best version of yourself teaches them to do the same. Isn’t this really what great parenting is all about? This book will teach you how. As new parents, we become all-consumed with our children while our own needs often take a back-seat. Lindsay and Natalie provide practical solutions for taking care of ourselves so we can take the best care possible of our children. Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body and Baby Connection is loaded with creative and practical ways to be the best parent possible and enjoy the journey!”
Jackie Kelm, Author of The Joy of Appreciative Living

The majesty of wisdom comes through on every page in this parenting book. This resource validates that being a mother is not a linear path and provides ingenious ways to navigate your way through the unexplored territory. I heartily recommend this teaching memoir, rich with practical strategies and poignant anecdotes, to anyone wishing to parent in a deeply meaningful and intentional way.”
Jenna Bayne, Parenting Strategist, Author of the Bayne Books Series

Peaceful Mama helps to bring an awareness practice to life. This book is full of simple, practical exercises that you can integrate into your daily life immediately. Mindset is our fourth pillar at BIRTHFIT so this book speaks to our hearts.”
—-Lindsey Mathews, DC, BIRTHFIT Founder and CEO

“What to Expect When You’re Expecting is like the Bible for new moms, but it doesn’t prepare you for motherhood! Peaceful Mama helps you understand what mama-hood is really like and the changes we go through mind, body and soul. It also gives you practical tools to help mamas find their new normal with MAMAHH Moments. I wish I had this book when I was pregnant!”
Lindsay McCarthy, Co-Author of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families: How to Bring Out The Best in Your KIDS and Yourself

“Peaceful Mama combines practical parenting advice with being-in-the-moment wisdom for Mamas-in-waiting as well as Mamas-in-training. The authors share heartfelt stories of the ways their own children were great trainers for them in the ability to instill openness to surprise and spontaneity! Six MAMAHH Moments capture the essence of the everyday self-compassion and child-centered compassion needed for healthy family life. Each Mama can learn to accept her emotional stretch marks, along with her physical stretch marks, through the peaceful modeling of positive parenting moves in this timely book.”
Janis Clark Johnston, Ed.D., Family Psychologist and Author of two family-centered books, It Takes a Child to Raise a Parent: Stories of Evolving Child and Parent Development, and Midlife Maze: A Map to Recovery and Rediscovery after Loss

Wow—fabulous book! This book offers the reader raw, insightful, and honest ways to deeply connect with our uniqueness—our mind, body, and soul—and nurture these parts of ourselves that will help us live in flow with peace, and harmony as we share and spread this to our children and the world at large. The reader will gain a deeper understanding of the world of self-discovery and have more tools and techniques as they move forward in raising a family.”
Sue DeCaro, Co-Founder, Building Connected Communities, PCI Certified Parent Coach® 

As a physician assistant in women’s health, I love the beautiful message and guidance that this book provides. A reminder of the proverbial ‘stop and smell the roses.’ Life goes fast . . . it’s good to remember to breathe and enjoy the ride. Energy, strength, and rebooting one’s soul is essential for all earth mamas out there.”
Ashley Meyers Harwyn, PA in Women’s Health

As a Mama, chiropractor and health restoration coach, I believe this book bridges a gap often overlooked in motherhood literature. Valuable techniques of career success are beautifully combined with mom-wisdom shared in a personal and applicable way with a purpose of help long us be better at our most important responsibility: Mama. The way we ‘Mama’ influences generations—the wisdom in these pages, if applied, will ensure being the best version of Mama a Mama can be.”
—-Kimberly Minick, DC

“As a conscious motherhood coach and peaceful parent myself, the message of this book resonated with me deeply. In sharing their personal stories so generously, the authors speak for so many mothers with similar experiences and give a voice to those who feel voiceless, isolated, and overwhelmed. This book provides a simple framework mothers can use to invite more compassion into their day and shift their experience of motherhood.”
—Catarina Andrade, MSc, CHHC, Calm Catalyst, Balance Alchemist and Energy Therapist for Mothers

“As a women’s health educator and hormone balancing chef, I often see women—especially modern mamas—in total burnout. This book is a fabulous resource with a plethora of tools to help keep Mama centered, driven, and full of love as she juggles her many roles of being a woman in these modern times. Not yet a Mama myself, this book was also preparation for me for those exciting days to come.” Allie McFee, Modern Goddess Lifestyle

Peaceful Mama is our modern day conscious parenting manifesto! With useful tools it is a clear and compassionate guide to conscious motherhood, parenting and mindful living through joy, patience, love and intention. As a holistic doula, I am grateful and excited to pass along this book and all the support, guidance and wisdom it provides!”
Jennifer Radnay, Holistic Doula, Prenatal Yoga and Pregnancy Coach

 “Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body and Baby Connection is full of the deep feminine wisdom women are craving. We want to be reminded that we can be our own health gurus, that our bodies house powerful creative forces, and that we already have everything we need to feel peaceful and confident through the magical process of creating new life. This book has everything from sensible, down-to-earth practices to insights from experts in the field to profound philosophical food for thought. Peaceful Mama is a book all women, not just those that are mamas or pregnant, can benefit from.”
Clara Wisner, Self-love guide, Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Founder of Revolutionary Lifestyle

 “As a chiropractor who works closely with new mamas, this book provides an avenue that most are longing for. The reader will learn to become a more conscious, mindful, and present parent. It offers realistic steps to transition your thoughts and actions throughout your motherhood journey to become the best you, which provides the greatest foundation for your kids. Every Mama needs this book on her bedside table!”
—-Hayley Miller, DC

 “Motherhood touches every ounce of our beings. It asks of us more than we ever thought possible and we can easily forget to take care of ourselves, falling into a cycle of exhaustion and overwhelm. With a kind, wise, and heart-centered approach, Peaceful Mama makes it easy for any mom to thrive and create a peaceful, connected and compassionate environment for her family. This is a book I wish existed when my kids were little. It’s a game changer!”
—-Patricia Barros, MD, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Mother of three amazing children

“As I read Peaceful Mama, it was like a soothing, calming salve was poured over my entire being. So simple, yet so deeply powerful! I wish I could give every Mama this priceless education in parenting with grace.”
Rose Cole, Medicine Woman and Founder of Rituality

“This is a great read and actually exactly what I needed right now! Between balancing a loveable and energetic four-year-old with my (nursing) and newly mobile nine-month-old, not to mention our dog, travel agency, husband and more, I’ve got a lot on my plate. My desire and need for movement is a non-negotiable, as you mention in the book. For me, this book was seriously therapeutic. It reinforced everything I subconsciously think about throughout the day. Specifically, surrendering and accepting my children, the flow of what my body and brain requests of me…to remembering how to evolve as a spiritual being and a holistically health conscious woman…to reminding myself to go the extra mile and write in my diary, reflect, affirm-ate and appreciate. I look forward to using MAMAHH Moments as daily practices. Thank you, Peaceful Mamas!”
Randee Shyer, Mom of Boys, Artist, and Owner of Jetsetting Families Travel Agency

 “As a certified health coach and RN who is passionate about helping others eliminate toxins, I see firsthand that even our thoughts can be toxic. As a mom, this is the book I wish I had from day one! I didn’t understand mindfulness until fairly recently and I have become a better mom (and person) because I intentionally practice being present. I also could have benefited from the authors’ advice about practicing self-care. This book gives us the ultimate guidance on self-care—using mindfulness/meditation, movement, nutrition and more. Read it and share with every Mama you know.”
Bri P, Certified Health Coach, RN, and Hippie Dippie Mom