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The Conscious Motherhood Manifesto

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Peaceful Mama provides practical tools, inspiration, and methods to help mamas ignite the more conscious, wholehearted, and peaceful version of self that is within each of us.

What are people saying about it?

“It is a wonderful guide that provides insights, support, inspiration and practical tools to be a more whole, loving, connected, present, and happy mother!”

“Modern parents are under so much pressure to be perfect these days, so I am a huge fan of any resource for moms that is candid and honest about how challenging it can be, and this book does that!”

“It offers achievable lifestyle practices for managing the stresses of motherhood (physically, mentally, emotionally).”

“I have been doing what they mention in the book, and I feel so different in how I show up for my family, friends, and my business. I highly recommend this book for any mama out there looking to get some solid advice and tools!”

“It is heart felt and connects on a soul level. It understands, it nurtures, it guides, it is a reflection of love.”

“This book provides the basis for charting the path towards feeling centered, grounded and peaceful as a new mama.”

“This book offers the reader raw, insightful, and honest ways to deeply connected with our uniqueness, our mind, body, and soul and nurture these parts of ourselves that will help us live in flow, peace, and harmony as we share and spread this to our children and the world at large.”

“This book is an OHM-azing celebration of the inner workings of motherhood, and takes an important look at why it’s so crucial for each and every one of us, whether you are already a Mom, or Mama to be, to find Peace in each and every day”

” I love the MAMAHH Moments. The authors are very real and I found them very relatable.”

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