For a moment STOP and focus on YOU…

How are you doing? Struggling with your life as a parent? Overwhelmed? Happy? Did you picture your life differently once you’ll become a mom/dad?

Parenting should be fun and easy, right? If we look from a different angle, it is one of the most natural things. So why do we struggle so much?

My friend, Dr. Tina Bozicnik, decided she will solve this mystery and help herself and others.

She is a pediatrician and she really has a special connection to children. For me she is not only a child whisperer but parent whisperer in one person.

Knowing her you wouldn’t have ever imagined she ever  struggled. But she did. She felt like she is failing as a parent.  And let me tell you a secret. I struggled too. I admit. There was a time when it wasn’t fun being a parent at all.

So, to HELP and EMPOWER herself and others, Tina decided to take on a research project. She wanted to learn from the best and gain KNOWLEDGE from TOP experts  on various topics such as parenting, child behavior, child development and personal development (mindset).

These experts use their knowledge every day  raising their children, as well as helping others to do the same. So they know what raising a happy child means, not just theoretically, but also in terms of everyday life.  

The research project has turned into  an interview series where she is interviewing more than 20 experts and shares her secrets and breakthroughs as well.

But the best thing about it is, that Tina wants to PRESENT it to you as a GIFT.  All the information and ALL the knowledge she gathered. For FREE. To REWARD you because you want the best for yourself and your children. Because you are ready to admit you need help and because you want to CHANGE and start ENJOYING parenting!

She named the project: Parent Like a Pro: How to Raise Happy and Successful Children and Become a Parent Every Child Wishes to Have.

I have complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can register using this link >>

Just so you know, you will be able to watch from your home, office, or on the go.

If you are curious, here is a glimpse of what is going to be covered in the VIDEO INTERVIEWS:

  • Say goodbye to yelling and TURN into a parent you always wanted to be;
  • How to get your baby/child to SLEEP through the night.
  • How to find BALANCE, PEACE and HAPPINESS in life as a parent (even if you are going through a divorce);
  • How to parent the RIGHT way from the start and through the teenage years;
  • How to speak so the children will LISTEN;
  • How to discipline a child without damage;

These interviews are REAL and to the point CONVERSATIONS that offer you a RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY information. Watching them won’t be too time-consuming. We know how it is being a parent and how difficult time management can be.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is a parent. I wish I had so much important information and ready-to-use tools when I started facing problems and struggles of parenting. Which is why I am so glad Tina is hosting this and that I get to share it with you.

Register here with your complimentary ticket to listen in


P.S. In case you are wondering who the speakers are, here are just a handful of speakers Dr. Paul Jenkins, Dr. Charlotte Reznick, Dana Obleman, Lisa Smith, Dr. Jody Carrington, Vanessa Lapointe, Shanda Sumpter and others.